I couldn’t face moving until around 10.30am. By then I could only move around gingerly. Why did I drink so much?! Too frequent a question. I started cleaning the house: unfinished glasses of whiskey, pizza scraps, cheese and chips and maltesers in every nook and cranny (remnants of a malteser fight sometime in the night…or early this morning…I have no idea what time I crawled into my swag). Dan emerged looking as bad as I felt. Then Louise and kids came home. Luckily, the house was clean by then. We watched the first episode of Tomorrow When the War Began. I played with the kids outside for a bit. Then it was time to say goodbye. It’s sad saying bye to friends, knowing I won’t be a part of their lives for another chunk of time. Tonight I went for oysters and beer with Megs, Jayden, Kobie, Sarah and Paul, where I said goodbye to more good friends.

Day 388 (pic)

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