I am back overseas once again! I had a nervous hour at the airport, during which I was paranoid my luggage had been lost, but my box eventually came out. By then it was too late to get to the self-storage unit where my bike resides, so I caught a taxi straight to Mason Villa, where two of my friends from work are staying. I was let in to the empty place and had some time to kill before I had company, as everyone was out at dinner. I ducked out to grab my own dinner and some cash, then chilled in the villa’s pool. When everyone came back, we hung out into the night. Several hours, a few drinks and a game of Cards Against Humanity later, some of us went into town, not getting home until about 4am.

Day 390 (pic)

Lucky to call this place home

Accommodation Villa’s poolside gazebo
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 10,212km