Seeing my bike again was a momentous occasion. I got the same feeling you get after you have been on holiday for a while and you return home, walking through the front door into familiarity and see your own bed again. When you return to where you feel comfortable. To where you belong. To where you truly feel at home. Settling back onto the seat and riding out into the streets was exhilarating. Such a good feeling. My freedom is back! I rode from the self-storage unit to the villa and spent much of the remainder of the day tinkering with my bike, my main task being to fit a Surly Nice rack. In the evening we all went out to dinner to Ku De Ta to celebrate Shi’s birthday. Such an impressive setting, awesome food and great company.

Day 391 (pic)

My dear friend

Accommodation Villa’s poolside gazebo
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 10,212km