I emerged from my hut at first light and after packing my bike I headed down to the Balian Beach cafe for a breakfast of toast, eggs, fruit and mixed juice (35,000r). At the café I chatted to a couple of Aussie expats. Full of food, I hit the road. I had a couple of 15-minute breaks, but basically pushed on till I made it to Negara, where I am now staying. I had my cheapest meal yet (AU$1.30 for a filling meal and a 400mL coke) at a warung. The warung was located next to a DVD store that was blasting out western pop songs, which created a nice atmosphere as I ate. I rode through the town to Hotel Jati and checked into a room with a fan (75,000r, $AU7.50). I was even given a towel, soap and toilet paper. And there is even WIFI! This represents the best-value place I have stayed at so far. I did some internet-based chores and readjusted my front rack, then went for a walk to find dinner. A few hundred metres down the road I was invited to sit down with two guys having kopi and pisang goreng (coffee and fried banana) at a roadside food cart. They didn’t speak English but we managed to have a simple conversation in Indonesian. I was treated to my own coffee and banana, which was super nice. A family who lives down the adjacent lane came out and a couple of them spoke broken English, so we had a longer chat. Eventually, I made my way to a roadside warung a little further down the road (table and chairs a family has set up outside their house) and I got delicious nasi ayam for AU$1.50. Now I am back in my room readying for bed.

Day 394 (pic)


Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 51.54km
Average cycling speed 17.4kph
Total distance ridden 10,315km