Today has been a day of mixed thoughts and emotions. I love cycle touring but I can’t love it 24/7. The stresses and challenges it brings can eclipse the feelings of enjoyment and appreciation of what I am doing. But the rewards are worth it. I need to remember I need time to settle in again and not place too much pressure on myself. Why do I feel as if I shouldn’t have too many rest days? I can see I have had a big week already (fly to Bali, reset bike, ride the west coast of the island, get a ferry to Java) yet I am feeling as if having a second rest day tomorrow is copping out. My body needs it. My bum has blistered straight away. I researched preventative strategies and decided Vaseline was the go, but try and find Vaseline in the town I am in! I had to settle with talcum powder which doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Day 396 (pic)

In trouble already

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 10,393km