A nice day. I rode well and made good time. My bum didn’t give me too much grief. I filled my dacks with talcum powder before riding and during a rest stop. It seemed to work okay. It basically combined with my sweat to create a kind of paste that kept my groin lubricated. I will try it again tomorrow. I feel fit again and got through a bit of a climb without any dramas. I enjoy the riding. Today took me through some hilly areas where I had great views over surrounding valleys. The traffic was much slower too, which made for a pleasant change. On the mountain road’s sharpest corners were people who were working to warn traffic about whether or not there is traffic coming the other way. More often than not they were elderly. I passed through some villages with an obvious trade. The street through one was lined with shops that shone with the metal artifacts for sale, everything from ovens to colanders. I am finding the people friendly and welcoming. On arrival at my homestay in Jember I inquired about borrowing a drill. The fit of my new rack means the mudguard rubs on the wheel, so I want to put two holes in the mudguard through which I can thread some cable ties and tie the plastic guard to the rack, thereby elevating it away from the wheel. They had no drill but they did produce a very sharp nail, which, after a bit of twisting, helped make perfect holes. Problem solved.

Day 398 (pic)

Some relief

Accommodation $ Homestay
Distance ridden today 71.23km
Average cycling speed 17.6kph
Total distance ridden 10,464km