I attempted the impossible today and failed in irritating fashion. The plan was to ride what I thought would be 130km. After relatively cruisy days, I felt it was time to really challenge myself again. I was at 93km when during a rest stop I was told there was no way I would make it to the town I was heading for, that the road was about to start climbing into dramatic hill country. I had a closer look at my map app and conceded that with all the twists and turns it would indeed be an impossible task. The dilemma I faced was that the last place I stayed with accommodation was 27km behind me and there was no accommodation for the next 40 or so kilometres. I could have camped in the jungle but the guy I was talking to convinced me it was an unsafe area in which to camp. I ended up turning back towards Lumajang. Not a good feeling knowing it means 54km of wasted effort. Besides this, the day was fine. I was given a gift as I left Jember – a box of some kind of food – and was waved goodbye by the homestay staff. There is nothing pleasant about the scenery though. The road is the busiest I have ridden. My eyes run with sweat and exhaust fumes. I spend my time ensuring I don’t get run over by passing trucks and buses.

Day 399 (pic)

Lunch spot

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 121.67km
Average cycling speed 19.7kph
Total distance ridden 10,586km