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Day 400 (Indonesia – Java Day 6)

A monumental day of highs and lows, both topographically and emotionally. It was a very hard day on the bike. The first task I set myself was to get back to the kiosk where I turned around yesterday. I was welcomed on arrival by the couple I met yesterday and was even treated to a snack called orok-orok. The rest of the morning was spent climbing. I started to relax and enjoy it. I put this down to the natural scenery I was passing through. It has been a while since I have ridden through natural scenery. The hills and valleys and ravines were spectacular. I was amused by teams of scooter/sidecar-riding youths flying down the mountain. It must be a popular among teenagers: buy a crappy scooter and attached some kind of sidecar to carry others, then hurtle dangerously down mountain roads. Sometimes the side car was just a flat platform sitting low to the ground. Motors (like lawn mower ones) were usually attached to the side car. They all sounded as if they were about to conk out any second.

The second half of the day was a mix of climbs and descents and I was soon utterly exhausted, to the point I really didn’t want to continue. Unfortunately, I had no choice in the matter and had to forge on. Late in the day as daylight started to wane I predicted I had 15km to go. Ten kilometres later and I saw a sign that told me it was still 15km to my destination. I couldn’t believe it. It got dark and I still hadn’t made it. The most distressing thing, however, was the growing pain in my right bum cheek. I know I was causing damage yet I had no choice but to keep going. Eventually, I got into Kepanjen and stopped at a café with free WIFI to research where I was and what accommodation was around. I picked a cheap hotel and checked in, then assessed my physical condition, I am in serious trouble. Massive blisters. I’m not going to be able to ride tomorrow. I’m probably not going to be able to ride for a while. At least not until I have worked out a solution. Something has to change with my bike or the way I ride. I just need to understand what.

Day 400 (pic)

Making friends

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 111.55km
Average cycling speed 15.2kph
Total distance ridden 10,698km

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