I am back on track, mentally at least, having had a very nice day in what I have decided is an exciting city. On waking I realised how quiet and peaceful the guesthouse in which I ended up is. I half-heartedly researched other accommodation options before deciding to stay where I’ve landed. I went out for a walk and was soon chatting to a friendly guy on the street who was impressed with my Indonesian. After talking for a while, he adopted his salesman persona and led me to batik gallery around the corner, saying (though it’s a lie) that this is the last day the gallery is open, so if I want to buy a piece, I better do it today. I love art, so seeing the gallery was of interest to me and I learned about the process of batik-making from a resident artist. After perusing the gallery for a while I continued down Malioboro Street and got chatting to another guy who suggested I check out Ori Gallery as well. On my way there I got chatting to yet another local who just so happened to work at the gallery. I really liked a lot of the batik art, but continued to be a disappointment to those trying to make money out of tourists like me. After my artsy escapade, I wandered the streets randomly for a while before returning to Malioboro and stocking up on apotek supplies so I could continue treating my inflamed bum. Back at the guesthouse I spent most of the afternoon and evening hanging out with K who works there. We ended up going out to dinner together.

Day 404 (pic)

Street art

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 10,698km