I have exhausted myself with wandering the streets of Yogya. For several hours I explored the southern end of the city, at first in search of batik and silver factory area, but then just randomly picking little streets that caught my attention. I was surprised to find out how quiet and peaceful it is once you enter the laneways off the main roads. Traffic disappears and the world slows down. Children were playing, old people were sitting solemnly, women were gossiping. On my way back home my tired legs couldn’t resist taking me into a juice bar. I drank the delicious sirsak juice (my favourite since I first tried it while cycling across Sumbawa) and dreamed of having the same type of juice bar in my imaginary hostel. I relaxed at home and was happy to see an Austrian couple check in. There have only been Indonesians staying until now, so it’s nice to have the company of fellow travellers.

Day 409 (pic)

Old city wall

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 10,698km