There are two very ancient temple complexes in the vicinity of Yogya. To the north is Borobudur, where the world’s largest Buddhist temple can be found. To the east is Prambanan, where you can see Hindu temples that have been around for more than 1,200 years. I decided to visit Prambanan today. A public bus (1A from Malioboro Street for 3,500r) took me there. Entry is fairly expensive at 235,000r; however, you can’t really visit Yogya without seeing at least one of these temples, so you just have to take it on the chin. I made the most of my entry free by spending all day exploring the place in depth. After a detailed tour of the Prambanan Complex I wandered over to Candi Sewu (a Buddhist temple nearby to the more prominent Hindu temples that make up Prambanan) where I spent most of the afternoon. There were far fewer tourists at Candi Sewu and I actually liked the temple a bit more than the main one. I chanced upon a procession of Buddhist devotees being led by two monks who were chanting and sounding a cymbal, creating an awesome atmosphere. Then I settled myself into a shaded corner and drew a picture of one of the stupas that surround the central building. It was late afternoon by the time I finished. I set up my video camera to record the way the light cast across the temple changed as the sun sank behind the horizon. It was dark by the time I left. I arrived at the bus station just in time to be able to run straight onto a bus that took me home.

Day 412 (pic)


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Total distance ridden 10,698km