The trouble with having a ready supply of great-tasting street food is that when you choose to eat at a ‘nicer’ place, you inevitably feel like you are being ripped off. At my favourite warung, I can walk in, grab a plate, pile it up with food, then pay somewhere between AU$0.50 and $1. The whole process from walking in to walking out can take as little as ten minutes. Tonight I thought it would be nice to spend my last night in Yogya eating out, so K and I went to Lucifer’s. When I ordered a pizza off the menu, I was told that pizza was unavailable, as was ¾ of the remaining menu items. I settled on a beef burger. It took half an hour for a waitress to inform us that beef burgers were not available. I was told they could make a club sandwich and it would come with fries. Great, I thought, I’ll have that. Half an hour later, we checked on the progress of our meals. Finally, nearly two hours after walking in the door, our meals arrived. Only then did we discover the promised fries are not available. I left hungry, letting myself feel extremely annoyed about the time and money wasted. What I spent on the one club sandwich could have kept me well fed for two whole days at my favourite warung. Oh the injustice!

Day 417 (pic)

Bye for now

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 10,698km