How quickly the world can change and with it my outlook on life. The day went amazingly smoothly. I woke up at 4am and spent about ten minutes carrying all of my gear to the end of the gangway in which my losmen is located. Lucas, the taxi driver I had arranged two days earlier, was waiting down the street at Gang 1, so I had to find him and get him to drive over to Gang 2, where my gear was waiting. Lucas dropped me off at the wrong terminal (domestic not international), but I managed to load my stuff into the back of a golf cart thing and get a free ride over to the right terminal. I built a teetering tower out of my belongings on a little trolley and wheeled it about ten metres into the terminal building, where I had to unload it all and put it through an x-ray machine. I rebuilt my tower for a second time before wheeling the trolley about thirty metres to the check-in desk. Having prepaid for 70kg worth of gear, I was delighted to discover the total came to 69kg. This is the first time I have got an accurate idea of how much stuff I have been riding with (excluding the weight of food and water).

The flight to Singapore was very pleasant. I was incredibly impressed by the efficiency of Singapore’s airport. I joined a queue of just one person to get through immigration. When I arrived at baggage, all of my items, including the bike in its box, were already on the carousel. I got through customs without declaring anything and proceeded to the taxi rank, where there was no line. A suitably sized taxi pulled up just as I arrived and so I walked straight into my ride across town to my friend Jamie’s apartment building. It had taken no more than twenty minutes between walking off the plane and stepping into a taxi.

I had stupidly neglected to write down the number of apartment, but the driver let me log into his phone’s internet hotspot and check the email that contained the address. I wrestled my gear up ten floors and into the apartment, letting myself in with a hidden key as no one was going to be home until the evening. I dumped my stuff then left the building to complete my next task: find a doctor. Fortuitously, there is a medical clinic located across the park at the bottom of the apartment building. I walked in and was seen to by a doctor within five minutes. Talk about efficiency. I won’t describe the gory details of what happened behind the curtain, except to say it is now officially confirmed I have a serious bacterial infection that has created several deep abscesses in my bum. I came away with two types of antibiotic tablets, antibiotic cream and antiseptic wash.

I had lunch at the food court, visited a supermarket for probiotic goodies (and a Cadbury boost bar), then chilled at the apartment. It wasn’t long before Jamie came home from work. We chilled out chatting then went to dinner. The rest of the night has been spent watching Marco Polo. All in all a very successful and productive first day in a new country!

Day 418 (pic)

One-man show

Accommodation Friend’s house
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 10,698km