I struck out on my own as a tourist, leaving Jamie’s about midday and making my way downtown to a hostel just off Lavender Street. After checking in, I perused a map of Singapore for a while to find the various spots Jamie recommended I check out. Then I put on my walking shoes (thongs) and ventured out into the big city. Through Little India and along Arab Street I wandered, before riding the MRT to Bayview and exploring Marina Sands and the impressive Garden by the Bay. I had a nap on a park bench under three of the Super Trees before deciding to walk over to the other cluster of trees. By this time is was just on dark. I was surprised to find the place packed with people sitting down and looking in the same direction. I was there for just a minute when the public announcement sounded, “The show is about to begin…” I had no idea there was a show. WOW! What a spectacle. The light extravaganza was stunning. Returning home, my thoughts somehow turned to Taiwan and I wondered whether I might teach English there when I run out of money.

Day 422 (pic)


Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 10,698km