I missed the free breakfast because I enjoyed lying in bed instead. Oh well. I bought some breakfast stuff (bananas, baked beans and yoghurt) from a supermarket opposite the northern entrance to Singapore’s Botanical Garden, where I spent much of the day. It might just be the best botanical garden I have seen. Like almost everything in Singapore, the level of creative design that has gone into it is exceptional. Especially impressive was the Evolution Walk, which takes you on a journey from life’s origins on earth right through to the present day. I didn’t pay to see the Orchid Garden, but I’m sure that would have been spectacular too. It rained a bit and at one point I found cover under the protective foliage of a large tree. A few other people decided to take cover under a nearby tree, but were encouraged to find shelter elsewhere when a snake dropped out of the tree centimetres from one guy’s face. The snake slithered away and took refuge under some leaf litter. After the Garden, I explored the markets of Chinatown until my tired legs thought it was time to call it a day and carry me home.

Day 423 (pic)

Getting botanical

Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 10,698km