I have come to the saddening conclusion that I am not yet ready to ride. I am reminded of this fact every time I sit down and automatically wince with pain. The pain is only slight, but its presence nonetheless tells me there is still some healing to go yet. I have started researching cheap hotels, which means checking out the red light district. I also started exploring route options for Malaysia and have pretty much made a firm decision to ride up the east coast. I returned to the Thai embassy in the afternoon and picked up my newly stickered passport. To while away the afternoon – and being sick of the big city – I retreated to the quiet of a cinema and watched Bad Neighbours 2. It was either that or Equals and I was in the mood for some cheap laughs rather than existential thought. On my return to the hostel I got chatting to some other travellers (American guy, two Swiss girls and a German girl) and ended up joining them in the city to see the lazer/light show outside Marina Sands, followed by a drink in Chinatown.

Day 425 (pic)

Back to the Marina

Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 10,698km