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Day 428 (Singapore Day 11)

I forced myself to have a completely non-bum day. I never sat down once and I swanned around the house in loose-fitting boxers. I worked at my computer while kneeling on my sleeping mat and spent much of the day video-editing. I have decided to break what was going to be my first video into two smaller ones, otherwise I fear it would be too long and boring. I am hesitantly thinking my bum made a little positive progress, so fingers crossed it’s finally on the mend. It occurred to me that it would be cheaper to fly home and spend a week in Perth than it would to spend a week in a Singapore hotel, but even so, I have decided to continue spending my time in Singapore. Thus, my search for a cheap hotel has once again resumed. I want a hotel rather than a packed, sweaty hostel as I really need some A/C to keep the air dry and I also need to be free to lie unclothed for most of the day, to restrict any kind of contact with my bum’s sores.

Day 428 (pic)


Accommodation Friend’s house
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 10,698km

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