It has become time to move out of Jamie and Davinder’s house and return to the big city. I got a discounted room in an okay hotel in Geylang, which contains Singapore’s red light district where the cheapest hotels can be found. I spent about AU$5 extra per night to avoid places described on Tripadvisor as ‘disgusting’, ‘filthy’ and ‘brothel’. After getting settled, I returned to the streets to play tourist. I joined a Singaporean friend for a picnic and live concert in the botanical gardens, before being shown various ‘secret’ spots that tourists typically don’t hear about. First was a space at the top of the Ion Mall building from where you have a 360 degree views across Singapore. Second was a lookout near the top of the Marina Sands building. Third was the Marina Barrage area, a grassed picnic spot best visited at night so you can be dazzled by the lights of Singapore’s famous buildings.

Day 430 (pic)

Concert in the park

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 10,698km