My day went very well. Undulating hills made the ride much more interesting than it could have been, for the scenery was fairly bland. I saw fields of palm oil plants for the first time. Signs told me to watch out for elephants. A snake slithered by during my rest stop, reminding me to be careful when I go to the toilet. I was resting about 20km from Mersing in Hemaluong when a road cyclist stopped into the restoran I was sitting at. We got chatting and I found out he is from Singapore on a two-day, 300km round trip. He shared beer with me as he waited for three other riders to catch up. I arranged to meet them all at Embassy Hotel in Mersing. As I rode on it bucketed down and I got drenched. I went to dinner with the riding group (seven of them), enjoying an amazing spread of dishes. My legs are really starting to complain and I am already thinking I might need to rest up tomorrow.

Day 436 (pic)

On the road again

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 92.64km
Average cycling speed 19.8kph
Total distance ridden 10,878km