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Day 441 (Malaysia Day 8)

I am passed out on a bed under a mosquito net in a little wooden hut in a town called Cherating. Next to me is a bottle of water filled with electrolytes and a second bottle of pure water. I drink from the first, then rinse my mouth with the second (the electrolyte solution is unfortunately packed with sugar and I like my teeth). I am utterly exhausted. It was a gruelling day and the temperature was abusive. I also rode 15km more than I had to because of a wrong turn. At one point I sought out some back roads to avoid a deadly stretch of main road where I truly feared for my life (there was no shoulder on which to ride and oversize trucks were speeding in both directions). I will sleep well tonight, just as soon as it cools down enough that I stop sweating.

On entering Cherating I had expected to be greeted by beer-drinking backpackers lounging in beach-side bars. In reality the place felt like a ghost town. There was scarcely any locals around, let alone tourists. I rode up and down the main street before stopping at the only place that seemed to be offering food. It was a street side stall and a lady said they only have m___ (aarrgghh I can’t remember the name!). Despite not having a clue what m___ was, I immediately said yes, I would have one/some(?). Any food is good food when you’re on a cycle tour. It turned out to be like an omelette wrapped in a thin dough. Absolutely delicious! While I was eating a local stopped by and asked where I was going to stay. I said I had no idea and he said why not try Matahari. This was a welcome suggestion as this was the place I wanted to find (based on online reviews) but I had found no sign (literally or otherwise) of it.  He said it was just 100m away and explained how to get there. I found the place and secured a little wooden hut with a fan. Then I returned to the street-side café for more delicious m___.

Day 441 (pic)


Accommodation $ Hut
Distance ridden today 113.66km
Average cycling speed 20.9kph
Total distance ridden 11,145km

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