The deeper I delve into this life the less inclined I’m going to be to start what I perceive as a standard life, that is, living in one place with a career-oriented job. I simply love being in new places too much. The more I think about the future, the more excited about life I get because it hits home just how unknown my future is. I love the unknown. Anything could happen. Today was a super chill day. It rained constantly, giving a lazy winter’s day vibe, so I didn’t feel too motivated to get anything done in a hurry. I still ticked off items from my to-do list though: emails, bike maintenance, grocery shop, video editing. In the evening I hung out with a local guy who I had met during the day. We went to a beach bar and played chess. He is Cherating born and bred so kept filling me in on who’s who around town, including who is involved in the local drug scene, which is apparently a bit of problem.

Day 443 (pic)

Night time visitor

Accommodation $ Hut
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 11,145km