I just had a really great day. Waking up while it was still dark, I prepared my bike and cooked a breakfast of Maggi noodles with creamed corn. I started riding and hardly stopped. The nearby storm system gave a cloudy day and I revelled in the cooler weather. It was one of those days I just felt like riding. I was going to ride all the way into Terengganu but when I passed an attractive fishing village south of Marang, I couldn’t resist stopping. The coast consisted of an incredibly long white sandy beach lined with palm trees against which bamboo ladders were lent for easy coconut access. Roadside food stalls for Ramadan feasts were just being set up. Chicken was roasting and fresh seafood was on display. I chose a fresh fish which was roasted on a fire. I also had seafood tom yum soup. I ate the meal under dazzling lights and brightly coloured lanterns, and watched the sea and sky turn a deep blue as the sun went down.

Day 444 (pic)

Couldn’t resist

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 141.87km
Average cycling speed 22kph
Total distance ridden 11,287km