I’m going to say it: I am past my bum issues and absolutely loving it once again. Ah I’m so happy. I had such a nice day. I didn’t rush. Instead, I detoured through Marang, Merang and Terengganu, sussing out the atmosphere of each place. I loved Merang. Marang was nothing special. Terengganu didn’t seem too bad for a city. Merang stole the show though and reinforced my love of that little piece of coastline. As I continued north I stuck to the coastline as much as the roads allowed. The coastal scenery is magnificent: undeveloped and lined with healthy vegetation through which colourful birds darted. Even though the day was overcast and dull (and I got rained on) it was still beautiful. I imagined myself coming back one day to build a little hidden abode. I would definitely love to come back and explore the state of Terengganu more. In a place called Pandan Laut I have myself an A-frame home which is inspiring the design of my own tiny home. It is a cheap room but very clean and well thought out. All comforts are taken care of: toilet paper, tissues, kettle with tea and coffee, desk, two beds, towel, floor mats. So impressive. It would be a great place for a quiet getaway. The only issue is that there is no town nearby and thus no food. For dinner I had a packet of noodles, biscuits and fruitcake. With breakfast and lunch consisting of the same thing, it wasn’t a good day food-wise.

Day 445 (pic)

Home sweet home

Accommodation $ Cute house
Distance ridden today 77.87km
Average cycling speed 17.9kph
Total distance ridden 11,365km