One of my first thoughts today was about how perfect life can be sometimes. The sky was blue upon sunrise, with very few clouds. I could write lots of words about how beautiful the island was on waking, but I wouldn’t be able to capture the scene or the feeling I had. What a great life this is! I breakfasted on my fruitcake and a couple of bananas then grabbed some snorkel gear and explored around the coast on both sides of Coral Bay. The most interesting thing I saw was a stingray. I bumped into a Malaysian guy I met on the mainland and chatted to him for a while. He was sussing out the state of some unused bungalows for a business venture. I returned home and claimed a hammock for some reading time. The day began to pass in lazy fashion. I read, I swam and I chatted to fellow travellers. One was a French/Dutch guy who had cycled here from France. He is full of many tips for getting through Asia and I look forward to picking his brain some more. All of a sudden it was 7pm and I was late to meet Phil. We went for a beer at Monkey Bar and then had a BBQ dinner. My return home was timed perfectly for the arrival of freshly fried banana cooked in Maya’s outdoor kitchen.

Day 448 (pic)

Bumping into Phil yesterday!

Accommodation $ Tent in Maya’s backyard
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 11,420km