I had two types of day today, one part lazy and one part exhausting. The first half was spent lying in a hammock under the gazebo. It was very overcast and dull, so it was easy to just stay put. I didn’t venture further than 200m from my tent until nearly 3pm. The 200m allowed me to buy some plain rice, to which I added a can of baked beans and a can of creamed corn. It also allowed me to go for a swim in Coral Bay. In the afternoon, Fabio, Suze and I decided to walk up to the windmill. So began a grand adventure. At the windmills we saw some stairs down to a little bay with the most amazing blue water. We couldn’t resist walking down to the water’s edge and from there we could look along a rocky stretch of coast leading to where we thought must be a place called D’ Lagoon. We were feeling adventurous so we decided to make our way along the coast and try to find it. This involved a bit of climbing, swimming and jungle bush-bashing. It was enough of a challenge to become super frustrating. Enough to make us kind of wish we hadn’t started. Despite the struggle, we made it to D’Lagoon, which was a beautiful spot. From there we started walking back to Long Beach via jungle tracks. On the way we passed Adam and Eve Beach (disturbing a British couple enjoying the peace) and Turtle Beach (meeting a German couple who have made it their private home with a tent and mosquito net and coral garden). By this time the sun was sinking quicker than we would have liked so we hurried along paths that we hoped were leading in the right direction. Eventually, we popped out onto tracks near the windmill and from there we knew our way home. We were exhausted but happy. After showers we sat with a few guys on the beach who were playing music and twirling fire poi. A group of us from Maya’s had dinner at Amelia’s and as we finished eating Timmo the came by. Fabio, Timmo and I finished the night by polishing off a small bottle of cheap local rum at a little café down Coral bay.

Day 449 (pic)


Accommodation $ Tent in Maya’s backyard
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 11,420km