My head is clearing after another night drinking rum, at the end of which my pillow was more inviting than the prospect of writing a diary entry, so I am writing this one day late. What did I do today (yesterday)? I enjoyed a slow morning lying in a hammock and chatting to new arrivals at Maya’s. Intermittent swims were required as it was so hot. I also completed some chores, washing some clothes and treating some water for drinking. Phil came around for a chat in the late afternoon and invited me snorkelling. We were joined by two of his diving friends. Getting in the water on the other side of Shari La Resort, we snorkelled around to Romantic Beach. The swim was long but rewarding. The coolest thing I saw as a 1.5m Black-tipped Reef Shark. My goggles were troublesome (constantly letting in water) so on the way back I enjoyed a standard swim, watching the sky get redder and redder as the sun set in spectacular style. When hunger called I joined Suze, Robin and Christoff for dinner at Amelia’s. From there we moved to our drinking spot at Gems and proceeded to empty five bottles of rum with Timmo, Luke and Pierre.

Day 450 (pic)

Do I have to leave?

Accommodation $ Tent in Maya’s backyard
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 11,420km