I woke up and knew today was going to be my last day on Kecil. This was something I thought I knew at the start of the last two days, but today it really is for real…I think. I made the most of the day by doing little. I met two very nice Polish girls and spent a bit of time chatting to them. In the afternoon an English guy called Ray and I paddled a kayak out to the lighthouse for some snorkelling. The paddles didn’t float and Ray accidentally lost his to the ocean. We jumped off the top of the lighthouse in a moment of exhilarating terror. Back home I continued chatting with Kinga and joined her and her sister Lucy on the beach to watch the storm clouds dominating the horizon. In an incredible performance of the power of nature, the clouds rapidly closed the distance between us and the horizon and suddenly we were hit with the storm front. The world instantly became a tumultuous mess. Palm trees lost their coconuts. Sand blasted across the beach. Windows rattled. I rushed back to the gazebo to tie my tent down and sit out the storm. Once things had calmed down, I joined Kinga and Lucy for dinner at Amelia’s before heading to Gems to join a party to celebrate Timmo’s birthday. Timmo wasn’t there, having already retired to bed in a paralytic state, but I had a nice time meeting new people and chatting to a Dutch girl called Jolie. Pierre was as entertaining as ever. Eventually it had passed 2am and I retired to my tent.

Day 452 (pic)

Time to think about leaving

Accommodation $ Tent in Maya’s backyard
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 11,420km