As I went to sleep last night I had an inkling I would find it hard to get up in the morning. A series of late nights on the island (like 2am late) followed by yesterday’s 60km ride took its toll. I didn’t make much of a move out of bed until 11am when I thought I better let the hotel owners know I’ll be staying another night. I was also getting hungry. I ventured out and found an Indian place to have breakfast (lunch, I guess) before moving to Arnold’s Cycling Café, where I worked through the afternoon on some overdue changes to my website. On my way out I passed a street food stall that had just been set up. The food looked magnificent. I thought about getting some but wasn’t quite hungry enough, so I decided to return later after packing some of my things up for tomorrow. When I returned later there was a huge line. I made it one person longer and enjoyed people-watching until my time to order came. To my chosen chicken meal I added some dessert from a neighbouring stall and an apple/milk drink from a food court on my way home. I’m in a good mood, still on a high after having such an awesome time on Kecil Island.

Day 453 (pic)

Entering Buddhist country

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 11,480km