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Day 460 (Thailand Day 7)

I made a big decision today: no longer will I ride a complete loop through Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. Instead, I will go straight from Thailand into Myanmar. I started considering this new route when a friend who I was going to visit in Vietnam announced they were moving to Denmark and wouldn’t be there. My new route will give me more time to explore India and enable me to add Nepal to the list. You know you have a nice life when these are the kind of things you spend your time thinking about! I have been in Songkhla for too long, but at least I feel on top of my ‘work’. For dinner I returned to a street food vendor that I had visited yesterday and which made some of the best phad thai I have eaten. I was joined at my little table by a young man and his father. The young guy spoke English (giving me my first conversation in days) and informed me this particular street stall was famous in the area for making great food. Unbeknownst to me, the father paid for my dinner, so I received a nice surprise when I went up to pay and was informed of my new friend’s generosity.

Day 460 (pic)

Nang Nguek Thong – The Golden Mermaid

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 11,742km

2 Responses to “Day 460 (Thailand Day 7)”

  1. corellaozziebird

    Fair enough decision! I am a little bit disappointed though that you aren’t going to Cambodia as my husband and I have been visiting there every year for the last five years and I was interested to hear of your perspective on the country. Not to worry as I’m sure that Nepal will be an amazing experience so I look forward to ‘following’ you there. All the best. Coralie

    • Budgie Escapee

      I have been to Cambodia before on a short holiday but a bike ride through the country would have been a very different and undoubtedly amazing experience. Hopefully I get a chance to get there another time. Sorry to disappoint you!


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