I am writing this by candlelight in an open assembly area in the grounds of a temple. I have just set up camp in the corner of a stage area. A Thai guy is sleeping at the other end and I have no idea who he is or why he is here. He might be homeless. The monks have visited him, which is reassuring, and as I have been writing, a young guy has emerged from the darkness with a guitar and joined him to play some music and sing. Together with the soft light provided by a couple of candles some monks brought me, the pair’s song is created a very nice atmosphere.

The ride wasn’t really anything special. I stayed on the main road all the way to Nakhon Si Thammarat (the town I am in now). For lunch, I stopped at a service station where there was a nice little food court. After eating, I couldn’t keep my sleepy eyes open and I fell asleep at the table with my head on my handlebar bag. I woke with a start when a Thai guy shouted something right next to me. He laughed when he realised I was asleep. He seemed to be employed by the food court as a cleaner. He invited me out the back and showed me to a hammock. Perfect! I had an awesome hour’s nap and felt much better afterwards. Before hitting the road again, I completed some handiwork on my Brooks saddle. My legs have been rubbing on the edges of the saddle, creating matching sores. I used my knife to change the shape of the saddle edge, from being square in profile to round. I noticed a lot less rubbing in the afternoon, but this might have just been from the slippery mess in my underpants that was created when afternoon rain mixed with liberally applied Vaseline.

I passed through a massive storm front in the afternoon and twice I got classically soaked in a wave of water thrown up by passing vehicles. I don’t mind riding in the rain at the moment as it keeps me cool and clean. If I wasn’t drenched with rain I would be drenched with sweat and I much prefer the former. As I arrived in town, I stopped at a large temple to find place to sleep; however, the monks were all praying so I had no one to talk to about staying. I rode on in search of a guesthouse, but ended up coming across another temple that looked welcoming. I spoke to a young monk who led me to this stage area and gave me my home for the night.

Day 462 (pic)

After lunch nap time

Accommodation Free-camp (Buddhist Temple)
Distance ridden today 115.84km
Average cycling speed 19.4kph
Total distance ridden 11,975km