Surat Thani proved a pleasant place in which to wake up. I went for a morning stroll to find breakfast, heading in the opposite direction from that which I walked last night. On my return to my hotel room, I decided to lay down for just a second, then awoke a couple of hours later. Clearly my body needed a good rest. As I need to put some weight back on my body I didn’t hesitate to head out for more food. I found a little café tucked away down a side street and had what could be the best fried rice I have ever eaten, together with some pretty amazing fried chicken. Continuing the day’s pattern of rest and food, I ventured back home and spent some time in bed cleaning up some diary entries for posting, then returned to the night market for dinner. I enjoyed people-watching as I demolished a fish-based meal and of course, more jackfruit. My body is still feels quite weary (I covered more distance in the last three days than any other three-day period so far) so I booked another night.

The average foreigner only comes to Surat Thani to catch a ferry to one of the islands off the coast: Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan or Ko Tao. I have decided not to bother visiting these places as I’d much prefer to spend my time continuing through quieter areas on my bike, rather than get caught up amongst the hordes of backpackers flocking to these islands. I have grown used to rarely seeing foreigners as I travel and as a consequence I am slowly becoming less inclined to be in places that are popular with other tourists. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. While my ego sometimes relishes the positive attention from other travellers when they realise I’m travelling on a bike, this usually only lasts for a two minutes before I start wishing I was somewhere off the beaten track again where foreigners are a rare sight.

Day 464 (pic)

Oh so good

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 12,120km