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Day 467 (Thailand Day 14)

I spied a decorated archway off the side of the main road. The dirt road that ran through it disappeared into think greenery that lined the base of a rocky cliff. Curiosity led me up the road and to the bottom of a set of stairs. These too disappeared into greenery, inviting further curiosity. The stairs took me to a rock overhang under which a couple of statues sat. One was Buddha and the other was a bearded man dressed in a robe, perhaps a monk of importance to the local community. There was yet another set of stairs up the cliff face. At the top of these was a gated hole in the rock wall. The gate had no lock so I quietly let myself in, entering a cave in which a golden Buddha rested in the sleeping pose, along with other shiny statues. Hidden wonders off the beaten track!

I returned to ground level and continued on my way to Chumphon. During the day I had become curious about a beach I had spotted on my Maps.me app, about 15km from Chumphon. I found a café and used their WIFI to learn that the beach would probably be a nice place to visit and maybe even stay a couple of nights. When it occurred to me that this might be my last chance to have a beach stay in who knows how many months, my decision was made. I rode through the rain (which had been constant for most of the day) and arrived at the long sandy beach of Thong Wua. It’s beautiful here.

As I have written this, my room has become full of flying insects attracted by the light. They are pairing off, dropping their wings and mating. A quick search revealed they are getting through a gap at the bottom of a door leading to an outside balcony. I have just sealed the gap with a towel – no more insect orgies in my room tonight.

Day 467 (pic)

Beach time

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 97.21km
Average cycling speed 21kph
Total distance ridden 12,338km

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