Perfect beach weather was elusive, as the day was shrouded in cloud and drizzle. I went for a walk along the expanse of sand nonetheless. This place would be amazing if it wasn’t for the sand flies, though you do get used to the after a while. I adopted one particular place to eat and visited there twice today. It is run by a nice family. The youngest of three children – a boy maybe seven years old – acted as waiter. Each time I ate there I observed him helping his mum with all kinds of chores, all the while dutifully keeping an eye on whether I needed more ice in my drink. Impressed by his work ethic while his siblings sat around watching TV, I gave him a little tip after my morning meal. Right now I am ready for bed but somewhere nearby a gathering of youths are playing music with heavy bass and it is reverberating throughout the building and eating into my head. I would normally turn to kindle in such situations, but I have just finished reading Batavia by Peter Fitzsimmons and need to download some new titles.

Day 468 (pic)

Fishing town

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 12,338km