I got a massive fright when I nearly ran over a cobra. It reared up and flared its hood, but luckily I was outside of striking distance. I spent much of the day on the Royal Tourist Drive, a scenic route passing pretty fishing villages. At times I veered off the main road to explore the communities and bays that dot this coast. So picturesque were they that I instantly found myself thinking I should spend a whole day at one. I inquired at one place offering accommodation, but discovered they were closed for renovations. As I was making my inquiry, a storm that had been moving towards shore from across the ocean finally hit, furiously lashing the coast with strong wind and torrential rain. I took cover in the reception area and ended up dozing off while waiting for the storm to ease. As I waited, I decided not to stay, thinking that if I keep stopping at every beautiful place then I would never make it anywhere. I don’t have to stay a whole day in a place to soak up its beauty – it doesn’t hurt to enjoy the moment, if only for an hour or so, before moving on. I continued my way along the coast, stopping in at Laem Son Beach before reaching Suan Luang Beach where I spent some time looking at the accommodation offerings (all major resorts though), deciding in the end to return to the main road for a cheaper place to stay.

Earlier in the day I came across a disturbing place. Lured by a ginormous statue of Buddha that was under construction, I stumbled across a park where I took a photo of a nice statue of a kangaroo. Walking on, the next thing I knew I was surrounded by statues of humans being subjected to all sorts of torturous acts. A sick feeling developed in my stomach and I started thinking I’d better get the hell out of there. Just as I was leaving I came across a little sign that provided some kind of answer as to what was going on. It said: Hell Area: portraits of humankind who have committed sin while alive, as Buddhists believe. The kangaroo had been part of the Heaven Area. Heaven help you if you have sinned!

Day 469 (pic)


Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 122.41km
Average cycling speed 19.1kph
Total distance ridden 12,461km