– The adventures of a solo round the world cyclist –

Day 470 (Thailand Day 17)

Things have taken a turn for the worse. I spent last night in foetal position suffering intense cramping of the stomach and uncontrolled expulsions of its contents. The culprit: unripe pineapple. Yesterday afternoon I came across the first fruit stall that I’d seen for a few days, so I couldn’t help stuffing my face. The pineapple wasn’t very juicy (being a bit unripe) but in my desperate state I didn’t let it worry me. Of course I had to eat the whole bloody thing! Halfway through the night I decided to google my situation and that was when I learned that unripe pineapple is quite poisonous. It was a rough night to say the least. By morning I was still doubled up with an unsettled stomach, but decided I’d rather feel sick while cycling than feel sick doing nothing. I only lasted a short distance before my body was depleted of its energy resources. Fortunately, this brought me to Ban Krut Beach, which on first impressions looks like a pleasant place in which I can recover. I spent the rest of the day in bed, unable to eat.

Day 470 (pic)

Fishing territory

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 32.21km
Average cycling speed 16.3kph
Total distance ridden 12,493km

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