I continue to pass through an amazing part of Thailand. My stomach (mostly) behaved itself, so I was able to get on with enjoying what turned out to be a very pleasant day on the bike. I started out by heading up the hill at the end of Ban Krut Beach where a magnificent golden Buddha overlooks the ocean. From there I took some quiet roads to a spot marked on Maps.me as “Buddha in a cave”. As I cautiously made my way towards the cave, I accidentally drew the attention of every man and woman in the surrounding area, my presence being announced by the local gang of dogs which raised a raucous song of angry barking. A set of stairs led me to the cave entrance where a monk emerged and proceeded to explain something to me with much mad gesturing. It wasn’t until he followed me inside that I learned what he was saying – he had been telling me to look out for the etchings that decorated the cave’s ceiling. I assume these were made by people hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Awesome!

As I rode on, I stuck to the coast as much as I could, passing through cut little villages, rubber tree plantations and pineapple fields. I came across one lucky temple that was situated right on a beautiful stretch of beach – what a place to be a monk! Eventually, I reached Khlong Wan and was immediately swept up in the energetic and happy atmosphere being created by the hordes of Thais who were arriving for the start of a long-weekend holiday. I instantly felt I could call the place home for the night. What was mostly striking, though, was the scenery. As I rode down the main road, abuzz with activity, the dramatic peaks of cragged rock were aglow in light cast from the setting sun. These peaks rose out of water that lapped at the shore of a picturesque sandy beach. A pier lets you walk right out over water that laps the sandy shore of a post-card-perfect beach. To complete the scene was a spectacular sunset, wispy clouds turning into flames against a still-blue sky.

As I rode down the main street I was a hit with a feeling that I could call this place home. It took me a few goes to find a place to stay (nearly all had been pre-booked by Thai holiday-makers) and I had all but resigned to ride on to Prachuap Khiri Khan when I found a room in a guesthouse on the edge of town. After a super quick shower, I headed back into town and made the most of the remaining light with a stroll along the beach.

Day 472 (pic)


Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 70.17km
Average cycling speed 16.9kph
Total distance ridden 12,563km