My mission today was to ride further than I have ridden before. I need to check my previous stats but I might have succeeded. I got on the main highway and didn’t leave it until I turned off towards Samut Songkhram. At a midmorning break I stopped at a café where I met a group of Australians riding from Hanoi to Singapore, then Perth to Canberra. One guy was Laurie, an ex-SAS soldier with one leg. The aim of their ride was to raise money to help military veterans suffering post-traumatic stress disorder via a project called The Long Ride Home. As I was nearing Samut Songkhram, a car pulled into the scooter lane ahead of me and out stepped a girl who energetically waved me down. She runs the hostel in town and wanted to see if I was interested in staying there. I had seen the hostel advertised on the internet, but thought the advertised prices were too high, like most hostels in Thailand. I told her as much and she explained that the walk-in prices are much cheaper. I left her by saying I was going to ride to the next town anyway so wouldn’t be able to stay. I really thought I was going to ride on to the next town, but on checking my map, I realised I was being far too ambitious and if I kept going then I would be riding well into the night. I ended up surprising the girl at her hostel and, as suggested, received a much cheaper rate than that being advertised online. I am very glad I ended up here at the hostel. The design of the place is impressive, from the brick veneer walls to the cardboard menus. So much creative energy was clearly put into the build and what has resulted is one of the coolest little hostels I have ever seen. I have so many new ideas for my own hostel that I dream of starting day.

Day 474 (pic)

Cool hostel

Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 148.06km (New record!)
Average cycling speed 14.9kph
Total distance ridden 32km