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Day 475 (Thailand Day 22)

I did it! I rode all the way into Bangkok city. I enjoyed the ride right until I got into the centre, by which time the adrenalin rush of crazy highway-riding had waned and I was tiring from concentrating so hard. I thought I had time to kill before I had access to my Airbnb accommodation, so I headed to Kao San Road to see if I remembered anything from when I was there 12 years ago. I chose a lusciously decked-out street stall for lunch and ate until I felt sick. I actually nearly spewed from filling my stomach with so much food. It was probably having two massive fruit smoothies (in addition to a massive plate of food) that did it. Next to where I ate was a guy with a sewing machine. I took the opportunity to have some pants repaired, the back pockets of which needed resewing. It cost a whole AU$1.20. Pants, fixed, I rode to Lumpini Park and lay down under a tree to let my entire being focus on digestion.

After an hour or so, I set about finding my Airbnb place; a private apartment that I scored for a cheaper price than a shared dormitory room in a hostel. It took me a while to navigate my way there but I eventually found the café above which the fifth floor home is situated. I let myself in with a code I received by SMS from the owner and was confronted with the challenge of hauling my stuff up five narrow sets of stairs. Doing so was almost more tiring than riding here.

The apartment is beautiful. My own massive bed, small bathroom, mini kitchen and balcony with city views. Magic. While moving in I met Lexie who lives two floors down. She is a Malaysian girl in Bangkok teaching English. She invited me out to dinner so we headed down the street to a nice restaurant. Normally I would freak out at throwing money at dinner, but tonight I didn’t care. I had cycled to Bangkok after all, which for me was cause for a little celebration. In the mood to be frivolous, I didn’t hesitate to order a bruschetta entre followed by a pasta dish as a main, all washed down with beer that was served in a teapot. It was a Buddhist holiday where alcohol wasn’t really allowed to be sold; the teapot did the job of hiding what we were really drinking). Not done with food, I treated myself to a chocolate Frappuccino on the way home. Once again I feel like I’m going to be sick from too much food!

Day 475 (pic)

Getting some pants sewn while I digest

Accommodation $ Airbnb apartment
Distance ridden today 97.01km
Average cycling speed 18.7kph
Total distance ridden 12,915km

6 Responses to “Day 475 (Thailand Day 22)”

  1. Karen O'Brien

    Well done Mark!!!! You are inspirational 🚴. I wish I had your energy and enthusiasm lol!!!


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