I felt quite restless today. It seems cycle touring is a great way to feel as if you should always be doing something or getting somewhere. While working on my website, I am going to have to ensure I get out for at least one physical activity every day to avoid going crazy. I ventured outside twice today, but each time I only needed to walk 50 metres to reach my goal. The first was a 7-11, where I did some grocery shopping. The second was a street food vendor, where I bought dinner. Bangkok is a big place and it is very easy to feel lonely and isolated here. In an effort to prevent this from happening to me too much, I joined a Meetup group and will be going to a mini seminar about international travel on Sunday night. Hopefully I will meet some interesting people there!

Day 477 (pic)


Accommodation $ Airbnb apartment
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 12,915km