Guess what! I have found myself a job and a new place to live. How did this happen? At about 10am this morning I raced outside, bought some phone credit and then hailed a scooter ride to the skyrail system, which I rode to Bangwa. From there I caught a free shuttle bus to Seaton Mall, where Nun (the mother I mentioned yesterday) picked me up. Nun brought me back to her house where I spent the afternoon hanging out with the family. During one of our conversations, Nun said her hands were dry from washing dishes at the restaurant she manages – they lost their human dishwasher so she has had to help out while they look for a new one. I jokingly said I could be the dishwasher until they found a replacement. Before I knew it, I had arranged to start work on Wednesday and move in to live with the family. What better way to spend my time waiting for my passport than immersing myself deeper into Thai life by living and working with locals! In the evening I joined the family on a trip to the local pool where the two kids, Neo and Cake, had swimming training. We all went out to dinner, then I was dropped off home back to my little apartment.

Day 479 (pic)

My budget apartment

Accommodation $ Airbnb apartment
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 12,915km