This evening I caught a scooter ride across the city to a bar where I joined a Meetup group and listened to three presentations by fellow travellers. The first was a talk about Japan, the second Eritrea and the third, international architecture. I didn’t quite understand the message of the third talk but found some it to be the most interesting of the three. The fascinating part was a story about a group of people living in Bolivia who are descended from ‘Old Russia’ and uphold the traditions of their forebears. It is as if the people from Old Russia were transported in time to present-day Bolivia. The scientist in me wondered about the levels of genetic diversity present in the population.

During the day I did some more website management. I also cleaned and repaired some of my gear: I glued some cracked plastic on my earphones; I scrubbed my stinky riding sandals; I scraped off some rust from my Brooks saddle and coated the underlying metal in black enamel paint; I washed my silk sleeping back liner and camp pillow-case; and, finally, I tried to fix the screw on my bike stand which had become stuck (unfortunately, I ended up snapping it, so now I need to find a drill to remove the part of the screw that has become trapped in the thread).

Day 480 (pic)

Into the city

Accommodation $ Airbnb apartment
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 12,915km