It’s 2am and I am just getting to bed after working an eight-hour shift, washing dishes at a Japanese restaurant in Bangkok. As well as ensure clean dishes are at the ready, I also got to prepare some food. The best part of the night: I got to try some nice dishes brought in by one of the chefs. I was halfway one of these when I was asked if I knew what I was eating. I started looking closer at the little bones I was gnawing on and realised I had absolutely no idea. It turned out it was a rat. It was delicious. Even though my feet are really sore after standing up all night, I really enjoyed my night. Fortunately, I now have a comfortable bed at Nun’s family’s house, having cycled here from central Bangkok this morning. I will be living here while I work at the restaurant and wait for my new passport to be produced at the Australian Embassy.

On the way home from work I learned that I would be paid Thailand’s minimum wage, which is 37.5b an hour (AU$1.45). Even taking into account the value of things in Thailand, this is an extremely small amount compared with what you get in Australia. From the perspective of a tourist, I could work a full day in Thailand and still not have enough money to get myself a bed in hostel dorm room, let alone a bed and food. In Australia, where the minimum wage for an adult earner is AU$17.70, only three hours of work would be needed to secure a bed and all three meals. Put another way, I could work half an hour in Australia and buy myself a meal. In Thailand, I would have to work three times longer before I could afford a standard street meal. I think I will appreciate this opportunity to gain a new perspective on the value of my time.

Day 482 (pic)

Moving house

Accommodation House of lovely Thai family
Distance ridden today 27.43km
Average cycling speed 18.8kph
Total distance ridden 12,943km