I have just got home from work and I have four hours of sleep time available before I have to get up again and return to the restaurant. What a lesson this is in the value of time! Having grown up in Australia, I consider my time much more valuable than the AU$1.45/hour I’m getting here in Thailand, yet this is what many Thai people have to live on. To make the conscious choice of working a 51-hour week to earn about $75 feels like a big step: a step towards the understanding that the value of time differs around the world; a step towards more easily identifying with the average worker in Thailand; and a step towards appreciating life in Australia a bit more. The best bit is that learning these things has turned into an enjoyable experience. Besides dishes, tonight I de-scaled a humungous salmon before it was diced up into sushi. When work finished, I had a few whiskeys with two of the group of ‘partners’ who created the restaurant, which is just a couple of months old. The two guys come from wealthier than average families. Apparently, the partners, who are all friends, thought it would be great to create a cool place they could all hang together and eat and drink, so they created the restaurant. The only thing that would make my time better at the restaurant is if I could talk more with my colleagues. Despite a language barrier, I have been accepted enough to be the butt of a joke (I hope this means I am being accepted, and not simply being picked on). Yesterday one of the server girls told me that the nickname of another server (a ladyboy) is Glee (phonetic spelling). I got her attention tonight by calling her Glee. Later, on the way home with my boss, the conversation somehow reached a place where it was revealed to me her name was most definitely not Glee. Why? Because Glee is the actually the Thai word for prostitute. I’ll have to explain myself to her tomorrow!

Day 484 (pic)

The kitchen

Accommodation House of a lovely Thai family
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 12,943km