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Day 485 (Thailand Day 32)

By now I know the delicate intricacies of dishwashing: exactly how much detergent to add to ensure bubbles self-propagate at the same rate they die, so the tub maintains a perfect level of soapiness; the exact angle to drop each type of dish into the rinsing sink so any bubbles slide straight off and the force of displaced water as the dish sinks rebounds off the sink’s sides in a way that doesn’t splash water all over me, nor cause the dish to shoot straight into the side of the tub with a crash; the best way to stack everything on the drying rack to maximise air flow while minimising space usage… Yes, I have a lot of time to think while washing dishes. Today I was at work for approximately 17 hours (19.5 if you include travel time). I worked for ten of them, but was there for the other seven because Nun (who is my lift to and from work) worked the lunch shift but I didn’t. To pass the morning and recover from having only had four hours’ sleep the night before, I slept on the floor of the empty ‘smoking’ room. It’s now the end of the night and my legs are swollen from having stood for so long.

Day 485 (pic)

Stocking up on meat (sorry vegans)

Accommodation House of a lovely Thai family
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 12,943km

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