A dishes-free day! I slept in and awoke to a knock on the door announcing breakfast was ready. I ate until I was full to the brim, then got to work on my bike. Being in a house for a lengthy period of time means I can spread out my gear and give everything a good going over. First task: I scrubbed my bike clean. Other tasks: I made a strap for an Ortlieb pannier because I somehow managed to lose one somewhere in Bangkok. I checked all the nuts and bolts. I glued strips of cord to my Rohloff gear shifter to create an effective grip (my hands have worn the rubber of the shifter smooth so any amount of sweat it becomes too slippery to change gears. Finally, I re-oiled my Brooks saddle for a second time. In the evening I watched some TV with Aunty Mon. Later, Nun and the kids came home and I had a fun time playing games with them after they had completed their homework.

Day 486 (pic)

My territory

Accommodation House of a lovely Thai family
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 12,943km