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Day 487 (Thailand Day 34)

I had a really enjoyable night at work. It started fairly boringly – customers were few so there was nothing to clean. I drew some designs for my dream home and thought more about the pizza restaurant I’d love to open one day. As the night wore on and it got to the point it was unlikely there would be more customers, everyone relaxed and started hanging out. It felt like a little barrier came down and I had some fun getting to know everyone better. It was Donut’s (nickname…obviously) birthday today. She wasn’t working but she came in with her pet baby squirrel and the other girls surprised her with a cake. It was really nice getting closer with everyone and as I watched the taillights of their scooters disappear at the end of the night I felt that it was unfortunate that my life wasn’t here and I couldn’t completely get to know them.

On the way home I asked Nun a few questions about Thailand’s political situation. At the moment the military is taking care of the things after having to step in after the last election when the losing political party raised a mob to fight the winning one. Soon there will be another vote for political leadership. The Thai King has been sick for a while but his son, the Prince and heir, is apparently a bit of a playboy and not suited for the throne. The Princess is a much better candidate but before she can lead the monarchy, Thailand would need to change the ascendency rules in the constitution.

Day 487 (pic)

Work mates

Accommodation House of a lovely Thai family
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 12,943km

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