I’m sad to finish work. I will miss the friendly faces a lot. The first half of the night was standard work: I descaled salmon, washed dishes and cleaned parts of the kitchen. The second half of the night was more special: we all shared dinner together (we each got to choose a dish from the menu, paid for by one of the restaurant owners); Koi brought in here pet snake, which I enjoyed handling in my spare moments; I joined Eddie and Nun for sushi and a few glasses of whiskey; and I shared a few nice moments with the team as the night ended and we said our goodbyes and gave our well-wishes. I would love to stay and work and keep hanging out each night, but it simply takes too much of the time I want to dedicate to my personal projects (especially making my next video). Hopefully I can visit the restaurant before I leave to say a final bye to everyone.

Day 488 (pic)


Accommodation House of a lovely Thai family
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 12,943km