No work today. Normally right now I’d be in my shiny kitchen corner scrubbing away (or doing nothing because it is a quiet night), but instead I’m home in my spacious room. Today I finished entering a big bunch of diary entries into my WordPress system, ready for uploading over the next five months. In between I was fed substantial amounts of food by my lovely hosts. I eat it all to be polite but I think this is just encouraging the portions to get larger and larger. I think ‘Mum 2’ is trying to give me so much that I can’t eat it all, at which point she will really know that she has given me enough. If so, she will soon succeed as soon I won’t be able to eat the expanding piles of food offered.

Day 489 (pic)


Accommodation House of a lovely Thai family
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 12,943km