Nun dropped me off at Bang Wa sky train after we delivered Neo and Cake to school. I rode the train into Chong Nonsi, wherefrom I walked to the Australian embassy to collect my shiny new passport. I walked straight to the Myanmar embassy, outside of which stood a van where I could print a visa application letter (my own initiative, not a formal requirement) as well as photocopy my new passport. Then I entered the nondescript door of the embassy. According to online blogs, you need to line up at 7am to secure a place in line and get served. Despite arriving at 10.30am, I was welcomed in and handed a service ticket and visa application form. I only waited about 15 minutes before my number was called and I submitted my application. The girls serving me were very nice and appreciated the fact that I had a letter explaining my intentions as a traveller – as I said I didn’t need such a letter but I am finding my dealings with embassy staff to be easy when I produce a concise letter explaining why I don’t have any flights booked. Many foreign embassies love extra documentation and it is a nice form of introduction to get onside with the staff. I chose the cheaper visa option, which means the visa will be ready in two days (or four, considering the weekend).

Official duties done, I caught a sky train to Asok and walked to Gedhawa restaurant here I had an amazing lunch with my Thai friend Kam. We had a drink afterwards at Starbucks in the super fancy Emporium Mall. My journey home was very enjoyable. I returned by sky train to Bang Wa, then entered the canal system on a free boat ride to the end of the line: Phetkasem 69. The ride took an hour and in between accidental dozes I had a nice time observing Thai life from the perspective of a canal boat. It was dark when I arrived home, where I was greeted by the happy faces of my Thai family and a waiting dinner. I immediately skyped my ‘real’ family and had some amusing moments when both families had a quick chat to each other.

Day 490 (pic)

Boat ride home

Accommodation House of a lovely Thai family
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 12,943km