I just had an awesome day out with my friend Bua. We met at Taksin and caught the tourist boat out to Maharaj Pier, where we walked around for a while before settling on a Thai restaurant for lunch. Through the afternoon we continued to wander the Chinese-tourist-packed streets around The Grand Palace, escaping to a quaint coffee shop for some delicious fruit smoothies. We finished our day chatting by the river before jumping in a taxi and saying bye on the BTS. My train took me to Bangwa, where I discovered I was too late to a get a boat ride home. I wasn’t as I knew a #7 bus would take me close to home. The trouble was I didn’t know where to find it. As I returned to the main road from the canal, I was very lucky to see a #7 bus cruise past. I had a split second decision to make: wait for the next one, or chase after the one that just went past? I chose the second option and took off running down the sidewalk that was slippery with still-falling rain. I ran for about 70m before the bus pulled over for new passengers. I jumped on, grabbed a seat and paid my 7b fee when the ticket lady came around. I had no idea how close it would come to home so I followed its progress through my phone’s GPS system, jumping off just as it headed past its closest point. I then bought a scooter ride home, where I was berated by Aunty for making her worry: Where have you been, young man?

Day 492 (pic)

Great day out

Accommodation House of a lovely Thai family
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 12,943km